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Nivine Jay is not just a talented actress but also a well-loved social media influencer. She first made her mark in the entertainment industry with memorable roles in movies such as the 2014 film “The Donut Split” and the intriguing “Space Juice,” which was skillfully directed by Alex Di Marco.

However, Nivine Jay has recently found herself back in the spotlight due to her interactions with some prominent public figures. It all started when she matched with none other than Ben Affleck on a dating app, causing quite a buzz across social media platforms.

More recently, Nivine Jay’s engagement to comedian Jason Nash became the hot topic of discussion in town. However, amid the celebrations and well-wishes, there have been voices of dissent on social media, with some accusing her of leveraging Jason’s fame for her personal gain.

Nivine Jay Age

She was born in 1989 and will be 32 in 2021 while living in the US. We presently don’t have a lot of information about her parents, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do She has a younger sister named Nour Petite.

A heartwarming Instagram post from August 28th, 2020, featured a collection of photos with her sister. The caption shared a charming anecdote: “My sister once went to great lengths, dressing up as our mother to retrieve my phone from the principal’s office. The following year, she convinced me to skip high school to attend her college class in her place. She’s many things, but never boring. ‘I’ll always be smitten by you.'”

Another Instagram post on July 24th, 2020, showed a picture of her alongside her mother, accompanied by a touching caption: “My favorite partner for heated arguments. ‘I adore you, Mom!'”

On May 13th, she shared a photo of herself and her father on Instagram, adding a humorous twist with the caption: “Attempting to act normal,” as her brother urged her while her father pretended to wash dishes, and she reached for a knife. Her father is evidently responsible for her quick wit, excellent storytelling skills, and overall quirkiness. She fondly expressed, “I adore him so much.”

Who is Nivine Jay?

Nivine Jay is a multi-talented American personality based in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California. Her diverse portfolio includes acting, modeling, writing, social media influencing, Instagram stardom, podcasting, and entrepreneurship. Nivine has captivated audiences with her engaging Instagram posts and entertaining TikTok videos.

As per her credentials on IMDB, Nivine Jay is a seasoned actress with a professional track record in both films and television. Some of her notable credits include performances in movies like “The Donut Split” (2014) and the intriguing “Space Juice” (2021), among others. Notably, she is also an accomplished author, having penned a book titled “Cry Baby,” showcasing her literary talents. Her presence on TikTok has further solidified her status, amassing a substantial and dedicated following.

In May 2021, Nivine Jay made waves in the media spotlight when she shared a surprising revelation on TikTok. She disclosed that the renowned actor Ben Affleck had sent her a video message on the exclusive dating app “Raya.” This revelation set the internet abuzz and added another layer of intrigue to Nivine Jay’s intriguing life story, making her a subject of fascination and curiosity among the public.

Nivine Jay Biography

Nivine Jay, an exquisite model and talented actress, graced this world with her presence on Friday, May 29, 1992, in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, in the United States. Devoted to Christianity, faith is important to her.

Nivine’s youthful interest for modeling led her to attend a local private school in her area.   Subsequently, she embarked on her professional journey, making strides in her chosen field.

Media sources have reported that Nivine Jay is proud of her Lebanese heritage, as she was born to a Lebanese father. This enriches her background with a captivating mix of ethnic influences.

Hailing from a well-established Christian family, Nivine chooses to keep her parents’ identities shielded from the public eye. Our research indicates that her father is a successful entrepreneur, while her mother lovingly tends to their home as a dedicated housewife.

Within her close-knit family, Nivine shares her world with two siblings who are equally impressive. Her sister, known as “Nour Petite,” also embraces the world of modeling, following in Nivine’s footsteps. On the other hand, her brother, Mahmoud, has carved his path as an entrepreneur, showcasing the family’s drive and determination to excel in various pursuits.

Nivine Jay Wiki

Full Real NameNivine Jay
Age31 years old
ProfessionActress, Model, Author, and Social Media Influencer
Date of Birth29 May 1992 (Friday)
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, United States
Alma materLocal Private School
Net worth$1.5 million (approx.)
Height (approx.)In Feet Inches: 5′ 3″
Weight (approx.)In Kilograms: 50 kg
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorDark Brown
Zodiac SignGemini

Nivine Jay – Education

As for Nivine Jay’s educational journey, there’s not much information out there regarding her schooling, college, or university experience. She might have completed high school in the area. It’s also possible that she dropped out of school and began working immediately away. The facts of her academic path are unknown.


Nivine Jay was born to devoted parents in Los Angeles, California, where she is a proud native. Although precise information about her parents is not well known, it has been said that while her mother has embraced the position of a committed homemaker, her father is extensively involved in business.

Nivine is blessed to have her parents and a close-knit trio of siblings. This close-knit family group is completed by Nour Petite, her sister, and Mahmoud, her brother, who further strengthens and supports her.

Professional Life

Nivine Jay is a talented actress who marked her acting debut in the 2014 film “The Donut Split,” directed by Rich Rotella. In this film, she portrayed the character of Alice, sharing the screen with notable actors like Matt Ross, Jennifer Bond, Christopher Brian Nicolette, and others. The storyline of the movie revolves around an attorney caught in the midst of a legal settlement between two former business partners, which takes an unexpected turn.

In 2021, Nivine Jay is set to grace the silver screen once again in the upcoming comedy film “Space Juice,” directed by Alex Di Marco. In this film, she takes on the role of Rehab Sam. The movie promises a hilarious and out-of-this-world adventure as Uncle Daddy, determined to regain his former glory, breaks into a production studio to create fresh adult content. However, the situation takes a bizarre twist when an extraterrestrial ship crashes on the scene, leading to a comical sci-fi escapade.

Beyond her acting career, Nivine Jay has also established herself as a prominent presence on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. She regularly engages with her fans and followers by sharing glimpses of her life through captivating photographs and updates, keeping her audience entertained and informed.

How Rich is Nivine Jay?

Nivine Jay’s estimated net worth falls within the impressive range of $1 million to $3 million USD. Her journey to this financial milestone has been significantly propelled by collaborative efforts with fellow influencers, celebrities, and renowned brands. These partnerships have resulted in exciting projects, including clothing lines, special events, and joint content ventures, all of which have not only elevated her public image but also opened up new avenues for growth and success.

Recognizing the value of mentorship and support in the influencer community, Nivine Jay generously shares her valuable insights and experiences with aspiring social media influencers. By offering guidance and advice, she contributes to the industry’s development and nurtures a sense of camaraderie among fellow content creators.

Beyond her thriving career in the world of social media, Nivine Jay stands as a shining example of a dedicated philanthropist. Actively engaging in various charitable initiatives, she demonstrates a deep-seated commitment to making a positive impact on the world, further solidifying her status as a role model in both the virtual and real realms.

Nivine Jay Height

Jay is typically 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 meters) tall and 52 kilos (114 lbs) in weight. She has Hazel eyes and brown hair. His other bodily measurements, however, are not currently known to the general public. When the data is available, we’ll update this area.

Nivine Jay Husband

Jason Nash, a well-known American YouTuber and comedian, proposed to Nivine. Jason posted on Instagram to publicly announce their engagement, writing,

Hi everybody, The most amazing person I have ever met and I got engaged last week. I’ve undergone so many changes because to Nivine, and I haven’t felt this joyful in a very long time. When I lose my SD cards, she leaves a big effect on me since she is beautiful, smart, and funny. Baby, I can’t wait to spend the remainder of my days with you.I appreciate your saving me. If not, I would simply be watching Curb while eating Pringles on the couch.

She is with him only for the purpose of money and fame, despite the fact that his admirers and social media users have literally criticized him and warned this relationship won’t continue for more than six months. Some even said that she was using Jason for her own gain and that this was all a joke.

Nivine Jay’s Net Worth

Nivine Jay’s career achievements have not only fulfilled her passion in the entertainment industry but also laid a robust financial groundwork for her future. Fast forward to June 2023, and her estimated net worth stands at an impressive $1.5 million. This remarkable accomplishment speaks volumes about her unwavering commitment and relentless efforts in the entertainment world, all while ensuring her financial stability.

Nivine Jay Career

Nivine Jay, the talented actress, kickstarted her acting journey back in 2014 with her debut role in the movie “The Donut Split,” skillfully directed by Rich Rotella. In this film, she portrayed the character of Alice, sharing the screen with notable actors like Matt Ross, Jennifer Bond, Christopher Brian Nicolette, and many others. The movie unfolded a gripping tale of an attorney who steps in to mediate a legal settlement between two former business partners, only to witness things take a disastrous turn.

Jumping ahead to 2021, Nivine Jay graced the silver screen once again in the comedy flick “Space Juice,” under the direction of Alex Di Marco. In this upcoming movie, she takes on the role of Rehab Sam. “Space Juice” revolves around the hilarious escapades of Uncle Daddy, who embarks on a daring mission to regain his lost glory by breaking into a production studio to film some unconventional adult content. However, the plot takes an unexpected turn when an alien spaceship crash-lands on the set, setting the stage for a comically entertaining sci-fi adventure.

Beyond her acting career, Nivine Jay wears another hat as an influencer on Instagram and TikTok, where she connects with her devoted fans and followers by sharing glimpses of her daily life through captivating pictures and updates.

Nivine Jay Boyfriend

Nivine Jay has become quite the talk of the town lately, thanks to her engagement to Jason Nash, a well-known American YouTube personality and comedian. This unanticipated development has aroused widespread outrage and impassioned debates. Nivine’s romantic history has also been questioned, with stories claiming she dated multiple men.

In a memorable moment back in May 2021, Nivine caused quite a stir on her TikTok account when she shared a captivating story. She recounted an amusing encounter with none other than the famous actor Ben Affleck. Ben had sent her a video message, expressing his curiosity about why she had unmatched him on the exclusive celebrity dating app, Raya. Initially, Nivine had her doubts, suspecting that Ben’s account might be a fake one. To her surprise, she decided to share the video on TikTok, not expecting it to gain the viral attention it ultimately did.


In a recent and rather interesting turn of events, Nivine Jay found herself in a bit of a buzz when she decided to decline Ben Affleck’s connection on the celebrity dating app, Raya. What makes this story intriguing is her reason behind this unexpected move – she initially thought that the profile might be a fake one.

After unmatching with Ben Affleck on the app, he took to Instagram to reach out to her. In a video message he sent, there was a skull and crossbones emoji, along with the caption “Sorry Ben.” Moreover, he also dropped her a direct message on Instagram, asking, “Nivine, why did you unmatch me? It’s really me.”

In response to this, Nivine Jay made a surprising move by sharing the video Ben sent her on her social media, adding an unexpected twist to the unfolding story.

Social Media

In the realm of the digital domain, Nivine Jay emerges as a vibrant presence, her virtual identity encapsulated within the enigmatic pseudonym “nivinejay.” Remarkably, she has succeeded in cultivating a substantial and devoted following, boasting an impressive throng of more than 81.3 thousand adherents on the Instagram platform. It is Instagram and Facebook, the virtual arenas that she ardently frequents, where she dedicates the lion’s share of her temporal investments. Remarkably, the microblogging domain of Twitter appears to elude her predilections, as if it were a beverage far too acerbic for her discerning palate.


Birthdate:Nivine Jay was born in Los Angeles on May 29, 1992, making her 31 in 2021.

Multi-Talented:She is an actress, model, author, and social media influencer.

Acting Career:Nivine made her acting debut in 2014’s “The Donut Split.”

Heritage of Lebanon:She is proud of her Lebanese origin, which diversifies her background.

Family:Nivine Jay has a close-knit family with sister Nour Petite and brother Mahmoud.

Net worth:Her estimated net worth is $1.5 million.

Height and Look:Nivine is 5’3″ with hazel eyes and dark brown hair.

Religion:Her Christianity is vital to her.

Fame on Instagram:Instagram is where Nivine interacts with fans.

Book Author:Her book is “Cry Baby.”

TikTok FameNivine’s Raya dating app experience with Ben Affleck became viral on TikTok.

Upcoming Film:She starred in 2021 comedy “Space Juice.”

Engagement:Famous YouTuber and comedian Jason Nash is engaged to Nivine Jay.

Controversy:Her unmatching Ben Affleck on Raya and publishing his video message went viral.

Influence on social media:Nivine has 81.3k Instagram followers.

Philanthropy:She supports many causes through philanthropic work.

Educational Background:Her educational background is private.

Entrepreneurial Family:Her mother is a homemaker and her father is an entrepreneur.

Sibling Success:Her brother Mahmoud is an entrepreneur and her sister Nour Petite models.

Future Plans:Nivine Jay pursues performing, social media, and philanthropy.

Final Words:

Through her acting and social media, Nivine Jay has built a name for herself in the entertainment sector. Her engagement to Jason Nash and meeting Ben Affleck have garnered attention and conversations. Her broad upbringing and altruism keep her captivating audiences on and off television.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nivine Jay mostly an actress?

Nivine Jay is an actress, model, author, and social media influencer.

What is Nivine Jay’s estimated wealth?

Her estimated net worth is $1.5 million.

Nivine Jay engaged to whom? Famous YouTuber and comedian Jason Nash is engaged to Nivine Jay.

What was the Nivine Jay-Ben Affleck scandal?

Nivine Jay unpaired Ben Affleck on Raya, and when he messaged her on Instagram, she uploaded the footage, causing a huge controversy.

Does Nivine Jay have siblings?

She has a sister, Nour Petite, and a brother, Mahmoud.

Nivine Jay’s history?

Nivine Jay is proud of her Lebanese background and was born in Los Angeles.

What is Nivine Jay’s book title?

Her book is “Cry Baby.”

Nivine Jay’s height?

Nivine Jay is 5’3″ (1.60m).

What is her social media presence?

On Instagram and TikTok, Nivine Jay interacts with her large fanbase.

Is Nivine Jay philanthropic?

She is noted for her charity work, showing her dedication to improving the world.

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